Freelancing is Changing the World and Why I’m Excited About It

There were 55 million freelancers last year- that’s 1 in 3 Americans who are freelancing in some capacity.

The freelance economy (also called the gig economy) includes people who work as writers, designers, or the like, selling work or service by the hour, day, or gig rather than on a regular salary basis for one employer.

65 percent of people say that freelancing as a career path has become more respected over the past three years.

As the VP of Small Business at Dell, I talk with small businesses every day and have seen firsthand that startups and small companies, many of whom don’t have the capacity to hire full-time workers, are reaping the benefits of the freelance economy.

Small businesses aren’t the only ones using freelancers. It seems large companies are boarding the freelancing bandwagon too.

As freelancers continue to grow in numbers, Dell strives to create technology solutions for freelancers and for our customers who are using the freelance economy to benefit their business. Coincidentally – and solidifying our belief that freelancing is front of mind, leading SMB Analyst, Laurie McCabe at SMB Group, published a similar article here.

Our camera crew recently sat down with me, Chris Schembra (founder of the 747 Club) and Jessica Quinn (CEO of NY Tech Alliance) to discuss freelancing and all that it entails. Check it out!

“Freelancing and co-working gives this next generation more flexibility and autonomy leading to greater opportunity for fulfilling careers.” - Jessica Quinn, CEO of NY Tech Alliance

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