Freezing Fresh Herbs In Olive Oil Preserves Them

Kitchen Trick: Preserve Fresh Herbs In Frozen Olive Oil

We all know the feeling: you and the beautiful fresh herbs in your refrigerator are engaged in a stand-off. You're out of cooking time, they're threatening to wilt. What's a frugal cook to do?

The smart, resourceful crew at The Kitchn thinks you should freeze them in olive oil! The oil protects the herbs from browning and freezer-burn, and when you need olive oil and herbs at the same time, you can just pop one out of the freezer. As an extra bonus, the herbs infuse they oil with their aroma while they freeze, so you get extra bang for your buck. Also, because they're frozen, the herbs won't lose their potency this way.

Check out the full post on The Kitchn for lots of tips, including what kinds of oils work best and how long they'll last.

Want some either ideas for how to use up your almost-past-their-prime herbs and other kitchen scraps? Check out the slideshow below.


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