Increase Your Freezer Storage Space With Magazine Holders (PHOTO)

We're tired of getting hit in the face with a bag of smoothie mix in the A.M.

Freezer storage ideas are as rare as well, having enough freezer space. That’s why we were super excited when we came across this lifehack on Reddit, which was originally featured on the blog "Aunt Peaches."

Here, plastic magazine holders act as makeshift "shelves" to house all the hard-to-organize items that one can possibly have in a freezer. (Like, bags of frozen fruits and veggies.) It's inexpensive, even if you don't already have your own mag holders.

freezer storage

Pretty clever, huh? Just be sure to watch for any cracks in the holders over the course of time. Head over to Aunt Peaches and Reddit for more information. And don't forget click through our slideshow of other great tips and tricks.

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