Freezing Avocados: You Should Definitely Do This

The Unexpected Thing You Should Be Freezing: Avocados

Anyone who's a serious avocado lover (er, addict) knows that eating this buttery green fruit can be an expensive habit. Especially when those amazing, but way too little, Hass avocados are being sold (when out of season) at three bucks a pop.

When you've got an avocado-a-day habit like some of us serious users, you're talking about throwing down $60 a month, easy, just on avocados.

While we get that in the grand scheme of things $60 on avocados is money well spent, they're healthy for you after all -- if only we could claim them on our health insurance -- it's still a lot to blow on just one fruit. But what if we told you there was another way, one where you could enjoy the full-flavored-ness of in-season avocado at its cheap price all year long?

Well, you can. And it's so simple, you'll be wondering why you hadn't thought of this sooner. Freeze them!

There are two ways you can do it, either halved or pureed. Here's how it's done:

  • Wash the avocado, skin still on.
  • Cut the fruit in half, and peel.
  • If you are opting to keep them as halves, put them in a Ziploc bag and freeze.
  • If you're pureeing, either mash the avocados with a fork or in a food processor with a little bit of lime or lemon. Store in a resealable bag and freeze. It's a good idea to put indentations in the bag to make for easy portion sizes later.

Now there's a catch -- isn't there always? Something happens to avocado when you freeze it. The texture is just not the same once it thaws. So while you won't want to be eating slices of these once-frozen fruit, they work great for making guacamole, dressings and spreads. So stock up on those cheap avocados now, and eat your fill of guac all year long!

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