Eric Frein Is Nigh in Penna

You can't go anywhere--you can't really move left or right in town without someone talking, or just inhaling the word FREIN. It breathes through the trees, the white pine and the oak. That a man could ambush two police officers, killing one and critically wounding another, at night, with a sniper gun as if at war. No--we are at war in Pennsylvania. We've been at war for some time.

Like most of America there is growing dissatisfaction with authority. This is an American plague of absolutes. We lost the war on 911. The constitution got shredded. We began a war on terror, a war without end. And we are so polarized and always planning for the worst--we're also on TV, and we are scared shitless of what we see. But at the same time, like looking at a copperhead, we cannot avert our eyes or our ability to move closer to the venom.

Witness FREIN. Waltzing in wearing camouflage, taking aim, killing a father and paralyzing another officer. AMBUSHED--so where's the NRA now?

A sociopath. Someone who's dreams far outstretched his ability to contain them. It doesn't matter what his politics were or his motive, it could have been anything. FREIN is a sociopath. He wants to kill. He likes his high powered guns and he wants to hunt, only now he is hunting law enforcement.

You may ask yourself--where is the NRA now? I do. A sociopath is hiding in the forest of Pennsylvania with an AK-47. He can kill. By all accounts he is a very good shot. NRA--I do not go to work in the forest now because there is a killer there, and there are so many automatic weapons in my state you would think they were reenacting Gettysburg, 2014.

He is American, FREIN. He is white. He is from my state. Whispering above the ash and the sugar maple and the moldy and dying hemlock, who's own bark droops like sweat on his brow while at the same time blending into his camouflage--this killer of men out there with a shotgun (left behind) and an AK-47 (taken with him now, to potentially kill more brave men and women.) This ambush that never sleeps, never makes a fire. Now the weather has dropped in the hills and he should, trench foot sets in, but he is s a survivalist.

Will he be found in a bear den? I suspect what they are going to bring out of that forest is a corpse. I suspect he will not surrender. Neither do the whispers I hear above the trees or across the barroom, down the blue shale and the valleys of water, nor the voice's behind the spinning pies at the diner. The women and the men of Pennsylvania have their say and their grief in black and white, 8 X 10, xerox copies of the killer and sometimes the dead father, the good trooper.

Days. It's been days now. This is an age where that building should have had an exterior security camera. It should have been high level security, big Penna. standards. A state police barracks in Penna. should have a perimeter. I am angry that it did not have any features to catch information that might lead to a conviction, like a camera. I am angry we do not take better care of the people who's job we rely on to take care of us. So, the flow of cricitism of law enforcement--it goes both way, we don't as a nation care enough--and we should. Because we failed these men. I think my beautiful state failed them. Take it to heart, cameras on every building, better security measures to protect law enforcement. It is not too much to ask, while we ponder automatic weapons in the hands of maniacs. Children, young adults, older sociopaths with access because access is really everywhere. And as a public service to these men and women we as a state must challenge our assumptions that automatic weapons don't need sensible regulation. Registration, rules, ranges, training, certification, leadership in preventing the deaths of innocent Americans.

You drive there if you dare--Blooming Grove, PA. But they don't know yet. The lights flashing. The police moving in. He is a phantom killer. In an age when people like copycats, I am afraid for the police. A phantom with an AK-47. A weapon no sociopath should ever handle. Why are there no restrictions in an area such as this? Because we are saturated with guns, and even if there were laws, there would always be guns, and always be a second amendment to protect FREIN. A killer of law enforcement is not a trade off I agree with in any part of my soul.

They had sociopaths in 1789, when the constitution came alive, but the killers didn't pack automatic weapons.

He used a sniper gun. He was an expert at this thing--killing with a gun. And where did he learn it? Who cares. It was a gift. He won awards for his marksmanship in high school. He could shoot a turkey head clean off, and he could butcher it too. These are the things that are whispered over the booths in Penna. diners. The red vinyl and the chrome waitress, I am putting quarters in a juke box and playing Peggy Sue. And I am thinking--why do men not take a stand when it is the right thing to do? What is so hard about supporting restrictions on automatic weapons? Until men without guns rise up to those with automatic weapons--it will not end. So men without guns, face off, we must lead a charge for a moratorium on automatic weapons.

To budge, just a little--when a disaster like this occurs. It is an opportunity to see what is not working, what hasn't been working in American society for a long, long time. Automatic weapons handed out like PEZ--FREIN is just more proof. This week's proof that when the candy doesn't dispense properly, crazy shit happens. All you have to do is sit on any corner in Pike County, whole counties in my state, to feel this loss and wonder why men, politicians and judges, who can do better, and say they know better--do nothing. The Second Amendment is one I support, but I also support a revision to reduce violent crime in America.

You can't go anywhere without his name. You sit in the Catholic churches of Scranton. You go get a haircut in Hawley, or you talk to someone who lives in the woods. He is our boogeyman this Halloween. The real horror is FREIN so easily obtained exactly what he needed to become our most feared urban legend, this killer on the loose has paralyzed many. The number one costume at Ben Franklins, at drunken frat houses, at least in the hearts of Pike and surrounding counties this Halloween--it is already ERIC FREIN.