Fremon Seay Arrested: Cops Say Renaissance Enthusiast Forced Daughter To Fight With Wooden Sword

Cops: Renaissance Enthusiast Forced Daughter To Fight With Wooden Sword

Authorities are challenging one Washington father to a serious legal duel.

Thurston County sheriff's deputies claim that Renaissance fair enthusiast Fremon Seay disciplined his step-daughter by forcing her to suit up in chain mail armor and fight him with a wooden sword.

Authorities say that Seay did battle with the 16-year-old girl for two hours until she eventually collapsed from exhaustion, according to The Olympian. Police also claim that Seay struck his daughter with a tree branch before the sparring match began.

Seay, 38, told authorities that his daughter was at a crack house that Saturday, and that because she is 16, he and his wife, Julie, can discipline her as they see fit. Other reports said the girl was at a party.

Puyallup police arrested the girl late Saturday night, The Seattle Times reports, but it's unclear why they busted her.

Investigators say Fremon and Julie, who allegedly watched the battle without intervening, are both members of a Renaissance group that recreates medieval battles.

Fremon Seay is charged with second-degree assault involving domestic violence and a weapon.

Both parents were released from jail on Monday after posting bail.

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