French-American Digital Lab Selects 6 Startups to Participate in 2016 Edition

French-American Digital Lab Selects 6 Startups to Participate in 2016 Edition
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French-American Digital Lab, an exchange program developed by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and Business France, selected six startups in the cultural sector to participate in its 2016 edition this fall. Taking place from October 17-26, the startups will attend an intensive program consisting of meetings, seminars and creative sessions to help them adapt their products to the US market. Several criteria were used to select the top six, including international potential, disruptive nature of each project, and uniqueness in the US market. The six startups are:

Augmented Acoustics: Enables live concert viewers to have an unprecedented, immersive sound experience, customizable and flexible according to their tastes and listening profile.

INDUO: Develops high performance fabrics for fashion.

Wakatoon: Creates coloring book pages which, with a single photo, can be turned into personalized cartoons.

Wellcut: Allows brands, the media, and fans to share their favorite video moments instantly.

Wonda VR: Enables users to create and publish interactive videos for virtual reality masks.

44screens: Creates singular interactive visiting experiences combining augmented reality, virtual reality, and games for cultural and historic sites.

The French-American Digital Lab is an expression of the French government's commitment to supporting digital startups and their international expansion. Jean-Marc Ayrault, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, stated that "Cultural and creative industries are now responsible for 2.7 billion euros of France's exports, with the digital economy being of primary interest. The digital cultural industries are therefore a powerful driving force...This ambitious program thus helps to shine light on French expertise in digital innovation in the cultural sphere and highlight our business' potential on an international scale." Digital Lab will also launch a Paris session from December 12-17, 2016.

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