La Manif Pour Tous, French Anti-Gay Marriage Men, Stage Shirtless Homoerotic Protest

In one of this month's most flamboyant displays of anti-gay sentiment and protest yet, a group of Frenchmen have once again stripped down and climbed on top of each other for a cause that they believe in.

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The antigay equality activists, calling themselves La Manif Pour Tous, are well-known for their blatantly homoerotic protests, the irony of which is surely lost in a haze of fervent bigotry. But hey, if these Frenchmen want to strip down, run around with each other in boats and climb poles on top of mountains, who are we to stop them?

The group of men began these protests following France's legalization of gay marriage last April, leading to a violent backlash among citizens who were unhappy with the legislation. Apparently, some people just choose to express their hatred of gay marriage in a less violent, more naked form of protest. And sometimes, they like to be gagged.

So why are these French anti-gay protestors so overtly homoerotic? Are they trying to be creatively subversive or are they just completely unaware of how gay they look? Who knows, but one thing is for sure: John Oliver thinks it's hilarious: