French Artists Pay Tribute To Orlando Shooting Victims

Moving illustrations are spreading across social medial as people worldwide mourn those killed in Sunday's attack.

Artists around the world are sharing artwork as people mourn the victims of Sunday’s mass shooting at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

The shooting — which left 50 people, including the gunman, dead — brought back painful memories of the terrorist attacks on Paris in November, and inspired French artists to create heartfelt illustrations that send strong messages of support to the LGBT community.

“I am very optimistic, like the colors I use. I am full of hope, and I believe that solidarity and commitment to a better world will conquer all.”

- Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

French artist and fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac composed an illustration titled “Under the Rainbow.”

Under the Rainbow+

A photo posted by @jcdecastelbajac on

“I wanted something strong. And this angel’s face, which looks like the prow of a ship tracing an arc in the sky, appeared to me,” the artist told HuffPost France. “The red heart below is the tail of the star; a shooting star that has been pierced by an arrow. I didn't realize that when I drew it. I discovered it once the drawing was done. These things are intuitive, they come naturally to me through emotion.”

De Castelbajac also created drawings after the Paris attacks to express his pain and show his support for the city.

“These are shocking things, touching things that affect us all and are taking us to a world of increasing concern,” he said.

"I am a father and grandfather, so I'm very concerned with the future of our society," he added. "A few days ago, I was in Istanbul for a festival. The day after I arrived, there was an explosion in the city. This threat is so overwhelming because it impacts our most carefree moments."

Despite his fears, the artist said he believes there’s still space for hope.

"I am very optimistic, like the colors I use," he said. "I am full of hope, and I believe that solidarity and commitment to a better world will conquer all."

Soledad Bravi, who created a cover image for Elle France to pay tribute to those killed in the 2015 shooting at Charlie Hebdo's Paris offices, showed support for the Orlando victims with an illustration of a tearful, rainbow-colored heart.

Soirée sordide à Orlando. Massacre ignoble. 50 morts 53 blessés. Lots of love from Paris

A photo posted by Soledad Bravi (@soledadbravi) on

The designer Louison, who created both poignant and lighthearted artwork after the Charlie Hebdo attack, posted two illustrations after the Orlando massacre.

"In Paris, no one is picking up trash anymore..."
"...So I'm going to stop drawing it."

Actress and singer Lou Doillon also posted an image on Sunday night with the caption: "My heart and thoughts for all."

My heart and thoughts for all. #orlando #weshallstandtogether 💜💙💚💛❤️ #loveisallwehave

A photo posted by Lou Doillon ☕ (@loudoillon) on

An illustration by French-Canadian artist Ghyslain Duguay sends a message of resilience.

One of the most widely shared graphic so far has been this ribbon accompanied by #JeSuisGay, a hashtag reminiscent of those that emerged after the two attacks in Paris, as well as one that shook Brussels earlier this year.

This post originally appeared on HuffPost France and has been translated into English and edited for clarity.

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