'French Cat' Video 'Henri, Paw De Deux' Wins Golden Kitty At Internet Cat Film Festival

French Cat Video Wins Award

U can has trimming le butt hair. Such is life.

"Henri, Paw de Deux," an existential spoof in which a black, francophone kitty bemoans his tedium, walked away with the honor of "Best Cat Video On The Internet" at the Internet Cat Video Film Festival in Minneapolis on Thursday.

“This is a great honor,” Will Braden, the film's director, told Mashable. “I don’t think I’ve ever purred this loudly.”

The sequel to the original "Henri" comes packed with subtle LOLs, and of course, nods to French New Wave Cinema... well, sort of.

Henri Le Chat Noir has his own Facebook page, where Braden recently posted a photo of himself celebrating victory with his "Golden Kitty Award."

And as for the film: It's not bad, but the third installment, in which Henri goes to the vet, might be better.

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