Former Crime Reporter Arrested For 5 Robberies In France

A former crime reporter who was down on his luck allegedly turned to a life of crime in France.

The retired journalist was arrested this week for five robberies dating back as far as September 2013, according to local reports. The 62-year-old man, who has not been named in reports, is accused of robbing stores in Blois.

It seems the former crime reporter was uniquely qualified for his new role. Police said the man had the "technical expertise" to commit the thefts, 20 Minutes reports.

The man apparently sported a disguise and waited until closing time to commit the armed heists. When police apprehended him during an attempted robbery Monday, the man was wearing some type of construction mask and a fake mustache. He reportedly had a pistol in his possession.

The former journalist, who reportedly worked for the Nouvelle Republic, is believed to have stolen 8,000 euros (nearly $11,000) during his crime spree. He reportedly told authorities that he was having financial difficulties.



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