French Department Stores To Remain Closed On Sundays

Remember when Michelle Obama broke the law? We do! And it seems that the law in question--prohibiting French retail stores from being open on Sundays--will stay in place.

Paris department stores Printemps and Galeries Lafayette, among others, pursued getting rid of the ban, which was put into place in 1906, but Mayor Bertrand Delanoe finally turned them down on Monday. WWD reports, "such a move would have boosted tourism and the local economy by generating additional revenue and creating at least 600 jobs."

A Printemps spokeswoman did note that the stores can stay open five Sundays a year.

When the First Lady went shopping in Paris, France last year, several boutiques stayed open on Sunday specifically for her. A survey done at the time showed two-thirds of French people supported changing the outdated policy.