I Was Attacked For Wearing A Muslim Veil

This shocking piece was written by a 16 year old girl who lives in the western Parisian suburb of Trappes. It first appeared on HuffPost France. Warning, strong language

Monday, August 12, at about 5.24pm, in Trappes

I was leaving a friend's house located at 7, square Van Gogh. I called another friend that I was supposed to meet at the Van Gogh bus station.

When I arrived in front of the gate, I noticed a new black Clio 6. I continued walking and the car moved and stopped just behind me. At the moment, I heard somebody shouting: "You, bitch, I'm talking to you!"

First, I thought they weren't talking to me, yet I told to myself "it's strange, there's nobody else in the street." I continued walking and suddenly two guys got out of the car and tore off my veil while insulting me: "You, slut and your veil!" I got really scared and I asked them: "What do you want from me?" The first guy was of an average height (1.70m-1.75m) weighing about 70 kg and he was in his twenties. He was a European with a shaved head who was wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He started insulting me by saying: "You dirty Muslim, go back to your country! Take this off!"

The second guy grabbed my arms violently. He was a bit taller (1.85m-1.90m) and weighted about 90-100kg. He was also a European in his twenties, his head was shaved, and he was wearing a black pull and a pair of dark blue jeans. He shouted at me: "Shut your mouth, you bitch!" Then, he dragged me a few tens of meters away, in a place where there are hills and he covered my mouth to prevent me from shouting. Then, the second guy tried to push me to the ground and I continued shouting and fighting against them.

Then, he grabbed my arms trying to push me to the ground and he started to press his body against mine while he was holding my head. At that moment, the first guy started to touch my breasts. Then, he took a sharp object and started to scar my face with short and quick movements while the second guy was pressing his body against mine and he was blocking my head. The first guy said, "You dumb black bitch, is your God going to help you now?!" Then, I shouted "starfoullah" (Forgive me God) several times and he slapped me.

At that moment, a young man of about 16 or 17 who was riding a bike started shouting: "Let her go!" The two guys ran towards their car followed by the young man. Scared to death, I hurried to join my friend at the bus station.

I was walking home while I was telling her what had just happened. After a few meters, near square Léo Lagrange, I suffered an anxiety attack and I fainted. When I woke up, there were many people around me as well as two police agents. They asked questions about my identity, my age, what had happened, if I wore a veil, and I don't remember the rest. Firemen arrived some time later. The police left and I was driven to the hospital in Trappes. The attack happened quickly, so I don't remember all the insults.