GOP House Candidate Touts His Frugal Ways, Fails To Mention BMW, Mercedes

Republican banking executive and House candidate French Hill wants Arkansas' 2nd District voters to know that he'll be fiscally conservative in Washington because he already drives "Old Blue," a dusty 1998 Volvo, and "watches every penny."

Hill's campaign has relaunched an ad it first ran during the primary that touts the candidate's penny-pinching ways and highlights Old Blue. It fails to mention, however, that Hill and his wife also owned a 2005 BMW, a 2007 Mercedes-Benz and a 2013 Ford, as of April of this year, according to county tax records.

Hill ties his reliance on the Volvo to his fiscal restraint, saying that Congress is "bankrupting our country" and shouldn't spend money the country doesn't have.

The candidate, who served in former President George H.W. Bush's administration as deputy assistant treasury secretary, has his children back up his claim of frugality in the ad.

"My dad’s been driving 'Old Blue' since before I was born," Hill's daughter says. "He watches every penny."

"It's embarrassing," his son chimes in.

"But that’s why he’ll be a good congressman," his daughter continues. "Washington loves to spend money. Trust me, my dad won’t."

Hill's campaign insisted in an email to The Huffington Post that he drives the Volvo rather than the Mercedes or BMW.

"Even on miserably hot August days like today and despite a busted air conditioner, French Hill drives 'Old Blue.' It's his car," campaign manager Jack Sisson said.

The ad echoes those from other Republican candidates this election cycle hoping to signal that they're in touch with the average voter. Illinois businessman Bruce Rauner, for instance, proudly sports an $18 watch even though he has admitted that he's a member of the 0.01 percent of the wealthiest Americans.

Hill will face former North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Henry Hays (D) in November in a district that recent polling has shown to be competitive.



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