5 Design Tricks To Borrow From The French

Oh la la!

The French are masters of culture, beauty and design. From fashion to food to furniture, the country has a distinctly sophisticated style that many wish to emulate, especially at home.

If you dream of gazing at the Eiffel Tower or sipping red wine in Bordeaux, there are a few simple design tweaks you can make to bring the spirit of France to your humble abode. Scroll through tips below to see how you can live in style like the French.

Blue And White Details
The chic color combo makes any space more refined. Parisians treat it like a neutral and you should too.
Mismatched China
For a country French touch, opt for a china collection that's not entirely uniform. Mixing and matching adds character to your kitchen and looks effortlessly thrown together.
White Walls
White walls make a space look larger and more sophisticated. They also give you the freedom to experiment with color in your accessories and artwork.
Statement Mirrors
The French have mastered the art of using mirrors as decoration. Great for hanging in the entryway and even over a fireplace, the accessories make stunning conversation pieces.
Coffee Table Accents
A well-styled coffee table is a French decor essential. Fashion books, candles, fresh flowers -- all make a surface come to life with personality and charm.

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