French Police Brutally Beat Woman: Violent Arrest Caught On Tape (VIDEO)

A viral video out of France shows police brutally beating a woman with a baton and spraying tear gas in her face in a violent arrest that has gotten upwards of a million views on YouTube and sparked nationwide outrage in France..

The video, which comes from Joué-lès-Tours in central France, shows one cop attempting to subdue a man accused of drunk driving while another grapples with a female passenger. The cop is then seen hitting the woman with his baton and later spraying tear gas in her face.

HuffPost Live's Ahmed Shihab-Eldin reports on the video, which has prompted a strong reaction on social media, with users divide between outrage and support for the police. Below are translations of just two polarized examples:

"Police officers hit a woman, then leave her handcuffed on the ground. Shameful, shocking, revolting!"

"[They] refuse to comply and bite police officer. Then they dare to say, 'Shame on the French police.' I must be dreaming!"