French Police Caught On Tape Dragging Women And Babies During Protest (VIDEO)

A shocking video has emerged in France allegedly showing Parisian police officers violently evicting Africans and their children from a suburb in the French capital on July 21.

According to reports, members of the 60-member immigrant group had been living on the streets in Paris's La Courneuve district since being evicted from their council homes July 8 in an effort to make way for a new housing project. Though French authorities offered them substitute housing, many in the group are said to have refused, hoping to receive a more long-term option.

Most of the affected immigrants hail from the Ivory Coast, according to Michael Hoare, a spokesman for the advocacy group Right To Housing. "Most of them have been in France for between 3 to 10 years. Some of them have papers, some of them don't. They have submitted demands to be legalized," Hoare told CNN. He went on to note that no serious injuries were reported.

Watch video of the incident here: