This WWI Letter Proves That Love Is Timeless, Makes Us Swoon

There's nothing quite as romantic as a good ol' fashioned love letter.

A letter signed by "Chas," a United States soldier based in Europe during WWI, and addressed to his "dearest girl" back in America, is being auctioned off by Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers in Derbyshire, England, according to Yahoo.

love letter

The affectionate missive reads:

Dearest Girl, I love you so, for your prayers and your love. If prayers will aide and they will God will take care of everything. Of course it is hard to understand this war in regards to the Lords will and means of protecting his people -- but I guess it was not intended that we should understand.

In the meantime I must stop -- sweet girl, I will be so careful and you must be good and write very often. Tell me everything as you do and let the French poppy which I am enclosing represent my kisses for you -- dearest girl, all my love. Remember me to mother -- yours Chas (more kisses).

The pressed flower is included with the note.

"We can be fairly sure that the French poppy picked up by an American serviceman represents a latter battle of WWI, perhaps when victory was in sight," auctioneer Charles Hanson wrote on Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers' website.

Nothing is known for certain about Chas, according to the site.

"Whilst we will never know whether Chas survived WWI, and returned to his beloved," Hanson said, "his words live on reminding us of those brave men and their families."



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