French Waitress Comes Out, Declares She's A Lesbian At Diner (VIDEO)

"I am a lesbian!"

That was the public declaration of one inspiring server at a diner in France earlier this month.

In a video posted on YouTube last week, the French waitress comes out during her shift at Franky's Diner in Strasbourg and receives a round of applause.

"When I was a child I had a dream. Now, I am an adult and I realize... I am a lesbian!" the unnamed waitress exclaims in the video. "I can be married!"

Fafa La Fée, who posted the video, explained in an email to The Huffington Post that she was eating at the diner on May 1 when the waitress made her public confession.

Describing the moment, La Fée said the woman first rang the kitchen's bell -- used to notify servers when orders are ready -- to grab everyone's attention before stepping up. La Fée reacted quickly and managed to capture the coming out story on film.

After the "marriage for all" bill was passed by parliament in April, French President François Hollande signed the country's landmark gay marriage legislation into law Saturday. Gay couples can now legally marry and adopt children in France.

Watch the stirring coming out clip (with English subtitles) above.



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