Frenchie Davis Comes Out: 'The Voice' Singer Reveals She's Been Dating A Woman

Frenchie Davis Reveals She's Been Dating A Woman For A Year

Frenchie Davis has come out of the closet.

The "American Idol" and "Voice" alum has revealed to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that she's been dating a woman for the past year, though she offers no other details on the relationship.

"I wasn’t out before the relationship, but I wasn’t in," she told the publication. "I dated men and women, though lesbians weren’t feeling the bisexual thing. Now I'm in love with a woman I think I can be with forever."

The singer, who performed in Broadway's "Rent" and toured with a production of "Dreamgirls," also professes her love of gay men in the interview. "I love the gays,” she says. "I love the gay boys. They have that awesome, masculine energy, but there’s also something else going on as well."

It's shaping up to be a banner year for Davis, who performs this weekend at the Chicago Pride Fest and is also working a new album, which she described as dance-oriented.

"I love coming to Chicago for Pride," Davis told GoPride, noting that she plans to perform her new single during her concert there. "I'm so excited!"

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