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Frenchie Winery: New Dog-Friendly Winery Named After French Bulldog Debuts At Raymond Vineyards (PHOTOS)

He may not be remembered as one of the greatest leaders of all time, but Frenchie will definitely go down in history as the world's best four-legged winemaker.

Frenchie Winery, named for and inspired by Raymond Vineyards Proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset's French bulldog, debuted on May 9.


The winery features its own wine series, each bottle depicting Frenchie as a unique historical figure (think Louis XIV, Napoleon and Marie Antoinette).

"Frenchie was a gift to my beloved wife," Boisset said in a statement, "to ensure that she would always be in the company of a French gentleman."

Frenchie Winery wants to ensure that canines are well taken care of at Raymond Vineyards. Located inside the vineyard are five individual kennel spaces with wine barrel dog beds. Above the beds is the "Gallery of Frenchie," canvas portraits of the pooch dressed as icons like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Julius Caesar.

Frenchie Winery is the only tasting room in the world designed exclusively for dogs, including a special dog-friendly tasting bar that dispenses water. The outpost also includes a small tasting bar for humans where they can sample Frenchie's wines.

Frenchie will also be unleashing the story and inspiration behind his wines through a series of short videos, providing an in-depth look into the dog's life as a rock star winemaker.

Inspired to adopt your own adorable Frenchie? Get more information at Northern California Bulldog Rescue.

Check out our slideshow of adorable and historical pictures of Frenchie below:

Frenchie Winery