Frequencies: Law of Attraction

So I recently watched a movie called Frequencies on Netflix. My step mom picked it out, completely oblivious to what it was about or how entertaining it would be. Basically, this movie portrays a world where every individual emits a different frequency which determines their level of success, luck, and happiness in life. The higher the frequency, the better the life and the more nature works to please that person. In the movie, a boy with an abnormally low frequency, in the negatives, occasionally meets with a girl with an unusually high frequency, above the one hundreds. Each time they meet, nature conflicts with itself in attempt to please her high frequency and disrupt him because of his low frequency and strange things happen such as thunderstorms or baggage falling from a plane flying overhead.

The whole movie is based on the concept of the law of attraction. Basically what that is, is the idea that energies attract similar energies. For example, a very negative person with typically negative thoughts would attract negative things to happen to them while a person with a positive outlook and generally positive thoughts would attract better outcomes. It's the idea that the universe (or fate, God, karma, etc, depending on how you want to see it) basically gives people what they give the universe.

Up until recently, none of this made any sort of sense to me. I watched Frequencies without any idea that it was an interpretation of the law of attraction and even when I started to understand that, it made little sense. After all, how could a few negative or positive thoughts change the outcome of a situation that has so many different contributing factors in the world outside of the confines of my mind?

It wasn't until I began making an active effort to have a positive attitude and more positive thoughts toward everyday occurrences that I started to notice how it could possibly be true. As soon as I made the decision to complain less, meditate more, and have a positive attitude toward situations that are less than ideal, each day seemed to go more smoothly. A lot of people may just chalk that up to coincidence, but that just doesn't satisfy me. It only makes sense that someone who goes through their day moping and complaining will only find even more to complain about while someone who sees that things happen for a reason and believes that they can have a positive outcome will find more things to be happy about.

I've noticed that as soon as I allow myself to worry about something, it begins to take over all my thoughts. Worrying only leads to more worrying, so instead of allowing those thoughts and anxieties to plant themselves in my mind, I replaced them with more positive things. Rather than worrying about whether I'll get into all the classes I want, I think about how exciting it will be once I get to go to them. Rather than laying in bed worrying whether I'll be able to fully afford my school, I think about how grateful I am to be here and have a job that helps me pay for it. The more I can replace my negative thoughts with positive ones, the better I feel, the more soundly I sleep, and the happier I wake up.

I also have started to notice how other people's reactions and attitudes seem to determine their mood and the outcomes of their lives every day. When someone I'm around complains constantly and spends time speaking badly of others, their day seems to end on a bad note and they end up in a worse mood than they started in. On the other hand, When a friend of mine spends their day sharing with me the things they are happy about and reassuring me about my concerns, they are far happier than the people who spend their time complaining.

These people even have an effect on my mood as long as I am around them and sometimes long after. So rather than indulging myself in complaints and gossip and inviting that negativity into my life, it only makes more sense to surround myself with positivity and people who will contribute happiness rather than hindering it. Just like in the movie Frequencies, what each person emits into the universe is what they receive. The only difference is that we get to choose the energy we give off and determine what the universe gives back.