Hilarious 'Fresh Off The Boat' Video Tells Asian-Americans To Go Vote

Asian-Americans have the lowest voter turnout. Time to change that.

If you’re still on the fence about voting this presidential election, the cast of “Fresh Off The Boat” will change your mind, for shore

In a humorous video released this past weekend, the actors who play the beloved Huang family on the ABC show call on citizens ― particularly Asian-Americans ― to head to the polls on Election Day. 

And the video makes a very convincing case, amid the fact that Asian-Americans have had a low voter turnout rate in the past with 31 percent in 2010. They trail far behind other groups, with turnout among blacks at 44 percent and whites at 49 percent.   

The video was released by Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote, an organization that promotes civic engagement among Asian-Americans, and features the actors sharing the many perks that come with casting your ballot. 

The skit employs Evan Huang’s characteristic humor, as Ian Chen points out an upside to voting:

“Did I mention you get a sticker? Scratch and sniff,” he says. “Mmm, smells like democracy.”   

Lucille Soong, who plays Grandma Huang, also mentions that some polling places have ballots in Mandarin.

But most importantly, as Forrest Wheeler, who plays Emery Huang, points out, voting is a way for our voices to be heard. 

Well, we know what we’ll be doing November 8!   

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