The Cuteness Is Out Of Hand When Shelter Pets Help Out In Santa's Workshop

The cats are up for adoption!

Santa's adorable helpers here are shelter pets -- some of whom are still hoping for a great big Christmas miracle of their own.

Marni the dog, a canine celebrity who plays a starring role, is already spoken for -- as are most of the video's other pooches. But the three cats are still up for adoption through Salt Lake County Animal Services in Utah.

Spokesperson Callista Pearson says 9-year-old Magnum is purely nice -- while the two youngsters are perhaps a teeny bit more likely to get get some coal in their stockings.

Which, knowing cats, they'd probably just happily bat around like a toy, anyway.


"Snowball is under 1 year old and loves to play, and may get himself into trouble now and again. Fern is still a kitten and has her kitten antics but she loves to snuggle. She’s currently living in a foster home and gets along great with the cats and dogs in that home," Pearson said.

Find out more about adopting these sweeties on the Salt Lake County Animal Services Facebook page.

And if you feel inclined to share this video, that's helping shelter pets, too.

Gourmet pet food company Freshpet -- responsible for what's thankfully become an annual tradition, of videos featuring shelter pets doing funny things with what appear to be human hands -- will donate one meal for every share.

And here's a behind-the-scenes video, so you can see how this delightful, goofball production came to pass:

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