Devin Nunes' Hometown Newspaper Slams His Donald Trump 'Obsession,' Endorses Rival

The Fresno Bee editorial board said Nunes “has proven time and again that supporting the president is his priority."

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has lost the reelection support of his hometown newspaper. Again.

The Fresno Bee editorial board announced its endorsement of Nunes’ Democratic rival Phil Arballo in the 2020 election in a searing editorial published Monday.

The newspaper noted it had recommended Nunes “in every campaign since he was first elected in 2002,” but withdrew its support in 2018, when Nunes “became obsessed” with defending President Donald Trump during special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Little has changed with Nunes since then, the paper suggested in the editorial headlined “Devin Nunes cares more for Trump than his district. Vote for Phil Arballo for Congress.

“Nunes would rather appear on Fox News shows than ensure people in Tulare and Fresno counties have clean water, affordable health insurance, and job prospects,” the editorial board wrote, adding that he “has proven time and again that supporting the president is his priority, so it is mystifying that he doesn’t just go to work for the Trump team.”

“Keeping Nunes in the House is probably more useful to the overall Republican strategy. His constituents are the collateral damage in that equation,” the editorial concluded. “If the voters in the 22nd District want a representative who will focus on good governance for them, versus winning political battles, then The Bee recommends voters support Phil Arballo.”