8 Frida Kahlo Quotes That Capture Her Infinite Wisdom And Fire

8 Frida Kahlo Quotes That Capture Her Infinite Wisdom And Fire

Her passion, her devotion. Her vulnerability, her drive. Her vision, her fire. Her flower crowns, her eyebrows. There are infinite reasons to love Mexican surrealist painter and ultimate source of life inspiration Frida Kahlo.

In honor of the New York Botanical Garden's recently opened tribute to Kahlo and her garden, as well as her endless impact on the lives and minds of creative spirits everywhere, we've compiled some of our favorite quotations that capture the magic of Kahlo's inimitable spirit.

All illustrations by Priscilla Frank

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Anonymous image of Frida Kahlo braiding Rosa Covarrubias hair 1940 gelatin silver print
Anonymous image of Frida Kahlo resting, 1943 gelatin silver print 4
Dora Maar image of Frida Kahlo at Andre Breton, Paris, 1938-9 gelatin silver print 11
Frida by painting
Diego Rivera & Walt Disney
Hector Garcia image, Portrait of Frida Kahlo, in front of her painting of the Earth Goddess Frida Diego c1940 gelatin silver print 13
Nickolas Muray image of Frida Kahlo with Chavela Vargas, 1945 gelatin silver print 3
Photographer Gisele Freund shot Frida Kahlo at La Casa Azul

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