Friday Food Trucks Invasion Miami


I had been meaning to check out the Friday Food Truck show at the Progressive headquarters on Old Cutler in Miami for a while now, but I was always working and never got a chance to. It's the first Friday of every month and this first Friday in April, I was off from work, and I was in full attendance with only child. She actually wanted to go, can you believe it? She wanted to hang out with her Mommy. The food trucks were going to be there from 5pm-10pm. We got there at 9pm, and that was enough time for us, but folks appeared to have made a night of it and were there with camping chairs and blankets gathering with their friends and families. Children were playing and running and dancing everywhere. The DJ was in what looked like a souped-up 1970s Volkswagen with funky lighting. Car classics were on display and motorcycles were parked everywhere.


The array of food trucks included, Italian, Mexican, Greek, Bahamian and Caribbean. All the foods smelled good, but I only sampled the Bahamian shaved ice which was quite unique and refreshing. As we strolled among the trucks, the atmosphere was one of fun and good times. I will definitely be back next month and make this a monthly tradition with only child. Hopefully it will open her up to trying new cuisines, which seems to be a constant struggle for my most precious little human. Adieu for now, until our next adventure.