Friday's Morning Email: GOP Rushing Health Care Reform

Paul Ryan said he hopes to be finished by the April recess.


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GOP HEALTH CARE PLAN PUSHED FORWARD Leaders are pushing a rapid turnaround on the GOP health care plan, with House Speaker Paul Ryan saying he wants to wrap up the process before the April recess. Freedom Caucus members dissatisfied with the plan took their complaintsdirectly to President Donald Trump. And Twitter had a field day photoshopping Ryan’s PowerPoint. [HuffPost]

SOUTH KOREAN PRESIDENT FORCED OUT South Korea’s Constitutional Court removed President Park Geun-hye from office, the first time a democratically elected official in South Korea has been forced out after a corruption scandal. [Reuters]

MIKE FLYNN CONCEALED FOREIGN LOBBYING WORK The ousted national security adviser just disclosed to the Department of Justice that he was actively lobbying for Turkey during the Trump campaign. White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Trump was unaware of Flynn’s work for a foreign government when he named him his national security adviser, and Vice President Mike Pence proceeded to praise the president for having forced him to resign. And take a look at what Fox News’ Shep Smith had to say after he went off about the latest revelations. [HuffPost]

INSIDE BERNIE SANDERS’ PLAN TO COURT THE TRUMP VOTER “The Vermont senator says the Democratic Party has shown ‘enormous neglect’ resulting in ‘an ultimate failure.’” [HuffPost]

SUSPECT DETAINED AFTER AXE ATTACK IN DUESSELDORF TRAIN STATION At least five people were injured, one seriously, after a man attacked them with an axe in the German train station. [Reuters]

ETHICS OFFICE: NAH, YOU PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE DISCIPLINED KELLYANNE CONWAY FOR IVANKA TRUMP COMMENTS “In a letter Thursday to President Donald Trump’s deputy counsel, Stefan Passantino, ethics Director Walter Shaub underlined serious concerns about the Trump administration’s ‘extraordinary assertion’ that White House employees like Conway are not subject to ethics regulations.” [HuffPost]

DON’T FORGET YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE AN HOUR OF SLEEP THIS WEEKEND We’re sorry ― you’ll spring cheerfully into spring (and still lose an hour of sleep) Saturday into Sunday. [HuffPost]


WE FINALLY HAVE AN INTERVIEW WITH THE OLSEN TWINS And there are some gems about cooking dinners for stepchildren. [People]

CONGRATS TO MARK ZUCKERBERG AND PRISCILLA CHAN On their adorable announcement that they’re expecting baby #2. [HuffPost]

SO, A LOT OF PEOPLE WATCHED A BLOCK OF ICE MELT TO LEARN THE ‘GAME OF THRONES’ PREMIERE DATE As in over 2 million people. And we wonder when the decline of civilization began. But the real important news ― “Game of Thrones” returns July 16 ― aka 128 days from now. Not that we’re counting. [HuffPost]


J-LO AND A-ROD ARE REPORTEDLY AN ITEM An abbreviated name match made in heaven. [HuffPost]

NOT TO MAKE ANYONE PARANOID But apparently “beauty parlor strokes syndrome” is a thing. And want more bizarre news? Check out our Weird News email. [The Atlantic


~ This is highly disturbing: An Australian man posing as Justin Bieber was arrested and charged with over 900 sex crimes.

~ The scale of NFL painkiller abuse is staggering.

~ Justin Trudeau has promised $650 million over three years for global women’s reproductive health services.

~ Congress warns Trump to stop deleting tweets, as it could “pose a violation to the Presidential Records Act.”

~ The Marines’ nude photo scandal reportedly goes much further than a Facebook group.

~ The American Society of Civil Engineers’ grade for U.S. infrastructure would be a report card you’d hide from your parents.

~ Mark Halperin And John Heilemann will continue to mint money by writing a book about the 2016 election (which will of course have an HBO mini-series spinoff).

~ Speaking of 2016, folks are fangirling Hillary Clinton’s haircut.

~ Meghan Markle is speaking out about period stigma and its all-too-real consequences around the world.

~ This cross-country train trip will get you from coast to coast, with all the views in-between, for only $213.

~ A lawyer’s pants caught on fire in an arson trial. We don’t even need to write a joke for that one.

~ Try not to have feelings watching this 5-year-old learn he’ll be therecipient of a heart transplant.

~ Starbucks’ new cups scream spring joy ― and you can doodle on them.