Friday's Morning Email: Inside The Presidential Charity Roast That Went South Fast

We already miss President Obama's comedic timing.


ARE YOU MISSING OBAMA’S COMIC TIMING YET? At last night’s Al Smith dinner, an event where the candidates are expected to make lighthearted jabs at each other, Donald Trump was booed. Here’s a sampling of his and Hillary Clinton’s worst jokes. Trump’s national political director has taken a step back from the campaign with under three weeks to go until election day. And there’s more bad news for GOP senate candidates in tight races. [Christina Wilkie, HuffPost]

ISIS LAUNCHES COUNTER-ATTACK ON KIRKUK In retaliation for the attempt to retake Mosul. And this is what it looks like to be on the front lines. [Reuters]

EXAMINING 130 OF THE COUNTRY’S WORST SHOOTINGS And what they mean for the national conversation around guns in 2016. [NYT]

CLINTON HEADED TOWARD $1 BILLION CAMPAIGN Trump is nowhere close. [Paul Blumenthal, HuffPost]

IS THIS THE END OF THE COMMON COLD? Inside the race for a vaccine to beat the sniffles. [Mashable]

‘WE HAVE TRIED EVERY KIND OF DEATH POSSIBLE’ “But since then we have tried death by chemical weapons, by barrel bombs, by mortar shells. We have tried death by drowning in the Mediterranean, by freezing in refugee camps. We have tried death by bunker busters and cluster bombs and incendiary weapons. There is no death that the Syrian people have left to try.” [NYT]


WE’RE STILL MOURNING PLUTO’S PLANET DEMOTION But there might just be another ninth planet out there. [NYT]

‘MIRI REGEV’S CULTURE WAR’ “The Israeli minister of culture and sports wants nothing less than an overthrow of the nation’s elite.” [NYT]

METLIFE FIRED SNOOPY Good grief, is there nothing sacred in this world? [USA Today]

WHO’S EXCITED FOR NINTENDO SWITCH? Biggest draw? It’s for home and portable. [Wired]

SO KANYE WEST AND JAY Z HAVE BEEF Yeezy isn’t too pleased that Hov hasn’t stopped by after his wife’s robbery. [HuffPost]

WE DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING Victoria Beckham is teaming up with Target. [Vanity Fair]


~ Here are some concert ticket buying pro-tips so you don’t end up blowing all of your rent money on Adele.

~ Barack Obama’s early emails have showed up in the WikiLeaks hack.

~ All your favorite Brits are going to be in this “Mary Poppins” sequel.

~ The FBI reportedly interviewed Angelina Jolie and her children about Brad Pitt.

~ We are only mildly obsessed with these imagined #Trumpbookreport tweets.

~ Carol Burnett is headed back to TV.

~ And the trailer for the latest “Wolverine” movie is making us feel as old as Hugh Jackman’s grizzled beard.


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