Friday's Morning Email: Top Intelligence Officials Detail Russian Election Meddling


TALK OF RUSSIAN MEDDLING HEATS UP ON THE HILL A coalition of top intelligence officers reiterated on Thursday that the foreign government had interfered in the presidential election. U.S. intercepts reportedly captured senior Moscow officials celebrating Donald Trump’s win. A former CIA director who advised Trump has resigned from the transition team. And Sen. John McCain plans to create a new Senate cybersecurity committee. [Jessica Schulberg and Laura Barron-Lopez, HuffPost]

SO MUCH FOR MEXICO FUNDING THE WALL Congress is ironing out a multibillion-dollar proposal to build the promised wall that’ll be coming out the taxpayer’s wallet. [Politico]

THE WAR TRUMP COULD PULL THE U.S. FROM ON DAY ONE He could end the U.S. involvement in Yemen on his first day in office. [Akbar Shahid Ahmed, HuffPost]

RUSSIA BEGINS MILITARY DRAWDOWN IN SYRIA As part of the terms of the ceasefire. [Reuters]

BELGIUM POLICE MISSED CHANCES TO STOP ISIS OPERATIVES WHO EXECUTED THE PARIS AND BRUSSELS ATTACKS “Belgian police had numerous chances to unmask the Islamic State terror cell that later carried out the Paris and Brussels attacks, according to a confidential report prepared for Belgium’s Parliament. They muffed every one.” [WSJ | Paywall]

UNCLE JOE HAS A MESSAGE FOR THE PRESIDENT-ELECT The vice president told Trump ― “Grow up, Donald.” [Ed Mazza, HuffPost]

THREE WOMEN SET TO BE MARINES’ FIRST FEMALE INFANTRYMEN They will join the 1st Battalion, 8th Marines in North Carolina as a rifleman, machine gunner and mortar Marine. [Andy Campbell, HuffPost]

MEET THE ‘JAMES BOND OF PHILANTHROPY’ Who has given $8 billion to philanthropic work. [NYT]


SORRY, EXES EVERYWHERE Here are the tools you need to see who is using your Netflix password. You’re welcome. [HuffPost]

FORGET ‘THE BACHELOR’ Town & Country released its list of the 50 most eligible bachelors ― no need to narrow it down to one guy handing out roses. You’ve got relatives of Napoleon and Winston Churchill on this list, for goodness sake! [Town & Country]

THAT TIME A MAGAZINE CELEBRATED THE WOMEN’S MARCH ON WASHINGTON With a cover that accidentally has the male symbol instead of the female symbol. [HuffPost]

SECOND TIME’S THE CHARM Sorry, had to to celebrate the news that there will be a “Charmed” reboot! [HuffPost]

THE RIO OLYMPIC STADIUM IS ALREADY IN A STATE OF DISREPAIR In case you forgot, the Summer Olympics were ... five months ago. [HuffPost]

BAD NEWS FOR YOU JANUARY DIETERS It may all depend on your gut bacteria. [HuffPost


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~ It appears you could ice skate on Serena Williams’ engagement ring.

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~ The queen of Sweden believes her palace is haunted.

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~ This dwarf galaxy is sending out radio signals.

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