Friday's Morning Email: Trump's 'Thank-You Tour' Looks A Lot Like The Campaign

Including the media bashing.


TRUMP KICKS OFF ‘THANK-YOU’ TOUR LIKE IT’S THE FIRST STOP ON A CAMPAIGN TRIP In his first public events since winning the presidency, Donald Trump went back to his campaign ways. So yes, a proper media bashing ensued. [Marina Fang, HuffPost]

TRUMP NAMES JAMES MATTIS DEFENSE SECRETARY Meet the 66-year-old retired general whose nicknames include “mad dog.” [Igor Bobic, HuffPost]

CHICAGO PASSES 700 HOMICIDES IN 2016 There were 480 homicides in the city in 2015. [CNN]

STARBUCKS CO-FOUNDER AND CEO STEPPING DOWN  Howard Schultz will hand over the reins next year. [Reuters]

A FAMILY GRAPPLES WITH LIFE AFTER THEIR 3-YEAR-OLD ACCIDENTALLY SHOT AND KILLED THEIR 9-YEAR-OLD “I have no one to blame. I can’t blame my kid. I can’t blame God because it’s inappropriate. I have nobody to blame. I have no outlet as far as taking out my anger, so I use my family and my fiancé as a punching bag.” [WaPo]

JOE MCKNIGHT KILLED AT 28 The former NFL running back was shot and killed during a road rage incident in Louisiana. [Maxwell Strachan, HuffPost]

THERE HAVE BEEN 200 SHOOTINGS OF POLICE THIS YEAR And 56 officers have been killed. [Christopher Mathias, HuffPost]

TURNS OUT IT WAS TOO SOON To put Trump and Clinton’s campaign managers on a panel and expect it to not devolve into shouting. [S.V. Date, HuffPost]


IN HONOR OF WORLD AIDS DAY YESTERDAY Your favorites, Prince Harry and Rihanna, were tested for HIV together. And here’s how D.C.’s mayor is planning to tackle an HIV epidemic in the nation’s capital. [HuffPost]

AS MUCH AS YOU PRETEND TO HATE IT You already love DJ Earworm’s 2016 mash-up. [Vulture]

COUPLES TALK MONEY And everything that comes with or without it. [Bloomberg]

CONGRATS TO MILA KUNIS AND ASHTON KUTCHER Who welcomed their second child. [USA Today]

FORGET THE POOL Michael Phelps is headed to Silicon Valley. [AP]

THIS BEAVER HAD NO TIME FOR ARTIFICIAL TREES The wayward woodland creature trashed a store after spotting the fake Christmas trees. We couldn’t even make this up. [HuffPost]



~ Jennifer Aniston is here to kill all of your “Friends” reunion hopes and dreams.

~ We cannot stop laughing over this Erin Foster joke about Leonardo DiCaprio’s penchant for Victoria’s Secret models.

~ Is it just us, or do the Lifetime versions of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline look nothing like the originals?

~ Meet the Body Bearers, “an elite unit that carries Marines to their final resting place.”

~ As The New York Times puts it: “you’re never too old to wear a tiara.

~ Be careful downloading apps on your Android: Over 1.3 million Google accounts have been hacked through illegitimate apps.

~ Could CNN make a play for Megyn Kelly?

~ And Leah Remini revealed even more Scientology secrets in a Reddit AMA.


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