Friday's Morning Email: What Cuts You Should Know About In Trump's Proposed Budget

And what Rex Tillerson said about North Korea.


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Well folks, you’re stuck with me again! A giant thank you goes to my colleagues Jason Linkins and Eliot Nelson for taking over The Morning Email Monday through Thursday. Now back to the news...

BREAKING DOWN DONALD TRUMP’S PROPOSED BUDGET HuffPost reporters Zach Carter and Arthur Delaney detail how the president’s proposed budget is a statement on his vision for the country. Check out the 19 agencies with the distinction of being cut completely in the proposed budget. This New York Times graphic breaks down how the budget cuts compare per sector to previous years. Here’s why you’ll be hearing a lot about the border wall with Mexico, Meals on Wheels, PBS, the Legal Services Corporation, State Department and the EPA. Rhetoric is emerging from the Hill from prominent Republicans reminding the American public that Congress is in “control of the nation’s purse strings.” And we’d like to remind you that now is as good a time as any to watch Mr. Roger’s appeal in 1969 to the Senate on the importance of saving publicly funded media. [HuffPost]

REX TILLERSON: THE ERA OF STRATEGIC PATIENCE WITH NORTH KOREA IS OVER The Secretary of State said a “comprehensive set of capabilities” is being developed to address North Korea, which includes military action. [Reuters]

MEET THE NEW KOCH FAMILY The reclusive Mercer father-daughter duo that helped propel Trump to the White House is responsible for the hiring of Steve Bannon. [HuffPost]

SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE: ‘NO INDICATIONS’ TRUMP TOWER WAS WIRETAPPED According to the bipartisan committee. White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the president was standing by the claim. Here’s Spicer’s commentary, annotated by The Washington Post. And Don Lemon had some thoughts on it. [HuffPost]


81 WOMEN ACCUSE FORMER USA GYMNASTICS DOCTOR OF SEXUAL ABUSE USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny resigned on Thursday afternoon in response. [HuffPost]


MARK YOUR CALENDARS Melissa McCarthy will return to “SNL” May 13, which is a short 57 days from now. Start mailing her props for THAT Spicer impersonation now. [HuffPost]

A HISTORY OF CORPORATE TWITTER ACCOUNTS GETTING IN TROUBLE After McDonald’s corporate Twitter account called the president a “disgusting excuse of a president” with “tiny hands” Thursday(yes, that happened, and yes, it appears to have been a hack), most made fun of it on Twitter and moved on. Here are some other corporate tweets that will forever live on in infamy. [HuffPost]

SOUNDS LIKE PRINCE WILLIAM IS IN THE DOGHOUSE He skipped a major royal event AND THEN got photographed with his hand around the waist of a brunette that is not Kate Middleton. It was bad news for the royals all the way around this week, as season two of “The Crown” might focus on Prince Philip’s alleged affairs. As for the queen, The Guardian published a debrief on what will happen in the days following her death, which the palace calls Operation London Bridge. [Vanity Fair]

PREPARE YOURSELF FOR HATE MAIL, CHANDLER Matthew Perry admitted to beating up Justin Trudeau in middle school. Speaking of,Trudeau invited Ivanka Trump to a Broadway musical about welcoming foreigners in need, which seems to have zero relation to current events. None whatsoever. [HuffPost]

SHE PERSISTED IS ABOUT TO BE TRADEMARKED BY A CLINTON Chelsea Clinton is penning a children’s book with that title. [HuffPost

‘SORRY FOR THE DELAYED RESPONSE’ “You e-mailed asking for my opinion, and I wanted to give a really thorough, well-thought-out, articulate response, so I starred your e-mail, and over time it became a mascot for my illogical but oppressive sense of dread in the face of slightly annoying tasks.” [The New Yorker]


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