WHOOPS!: Attempt To Deliver A New, $4,200 Fridge Goes Wrong In A Hurry

This one's going back to the store.

A doorbell camera captured the moment a new fridge became a return ― and it occurred before the appliance even reached the customer’s door.

Watch what happened in the video above.

“This was an LG refrigerator and it was around $4,200,” Chad Jones of Tallmadge, Ohio told the local ABC station. “Luckily, we kept our old fridge.”

Jones told local Fox station WJW the workers tried to deliver it anyway, claiming it was damaged by the manufacturer ― not realizing the entire incident was caught on video, including some spontaneous dance moves.

“Although it was his fault because he didn’t strap it down or wait for his co-worker, he was already having a bad day,” Jones told WJW. “I just let it go.”

The workers eventually took back the damaged fridge and Jones is awaiting a replacement.

(h/t digg)

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