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Fried Bubblegum Wins 'Most Creative' At Texas State Fair (VIDEO)


In Texas, it's go big or go home.

And just when you thought state fairs had explored the entire spectrum of fried foods, fried bubblegum makes an appearance and takes the cake.

The fluffy, pink deep-fried concoction claimed the top prize for "most creative" dish at the State Fair of Texas' Big Tex Choice Awards on Monday.

But fried bubblegum isn't exactly what you'd expect it to be: It's a marshmallow that's been dipped into pink batter, fried and topped with blue icing and some Chiclets (for good measure, of course).

"What we do is, we infuse the marshmallow with bubblegum extract, and that's where it gets the flavor," creator Justin Martinez told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

The judges announced the winners of the best in Texas fare on Sept. 6. The fair is set to kick off Sept. 30.

The chewy creation wasn't the only food to grab the judges' attention, though.

Buffalo chicken in a flapjack, won the prize for best-tasting food. The dish features chicken strips coated in batter, jalapeno breadcrumbs and is then deep-fried, according to The Associated Press.

Some fairgoers-to-be don't think fried bubblegum sounds very appealing, nevertheless appetizing.

An informal poll conducted by the Dallas Morning News revealed that readers thought fried bubblegum sounded the least tasty from a list of foods, including fried autumn pie, deep-fried pineapple upside-down cake and deep-fried Texas salsa. The buffalo chicken in a flapjack seemed slightly more appealing to readers, according to the poll results.

Fried bubblegum joins the ranks of odd-sounding -- and probably not-so-healthy -- fair fare. On the list: fried butter, fried Kool-Aid, fudge-covered scorpions and deep-fried pig ears.

Learn how fried bubblegum is made
by watching the report by NBC Dallas-Fort Worth below.


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