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Fried Chicken: The Most Mouthwatering Photos

05/03/2012 10:03am ET | Updated August 31, 2012

Almost as satisfying as eating a good meal is looking at photos of delicious dishes. Sure, we don't get to enjoy the flavor of these foods, but we get to enjoy the idea of the dish; and the bonus is that we don't have to go through the effort of cooking it, the expense of ordering it, or the chance of expanding our waistlines with its indulgent and caloric ingredients.

For those reasons, food photography is amazing. And with more and more people clicking away at their plates, there are even more palatable images to enjoy. Searching around on the blogosphere will certainly give you an array of well-taken food pictures, but even just a quick search on Flickr will do the trick.

If you've got a craving for some over-the-top donuts, flickr will deliver. If you're feeling a little more festive, birthday cakes can be found. We were in the mood for some finger-licking-good fried chicken, especially with the Kentucky Derby right around the corner; and you guessed it, Flickr gave us more than we could have asked for.

Click through the slideshow below to "indulge" in 10 decadent fried-chicken photos.

Fried Chicken
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