Frieke Janssens' 'Your Last Shot' Captures Your Tombstone Photograph Long Before Death (PHOTOS)

These Creepy Tombstone Photos Are Taken Long Before Death

Belgian-based photographer Frieke Janssens wants to make you seriously consider your own death.

In her newest series, "Your Last Shot," Janssens creates portraits of people that will one day be used for their tombstones. The artist writes on her website, "As a photographer, I feel that the moment when one reflects about their own death is a precious moment to be shared and portrayed."

Johan (°8 januari 1964 - )

Each portrait is a collaborative effort between Janssens and her subject, resulting in an image that is intended to be both "fearless" and "serene."

"Last Shot" sessions include a photo shoot, make up, assistance, styling, and post-production work, all for €835 ($1060), plus tax. The final portrait arrives on an oblong porcelain disk, offering customers a delicate memento of the experience. As the photographer notes on the project's website: "Your last shot will not be your cheapest shot, but only live once."

Janssens is perhaps best known for her series of smoking children, inspired by the YouTube video of a chain smoking Indonesian toddler. "Your Last Shot," like "Smoking Kids," arguably confronts what most people choose to avoid.

Take a look through the slideshow below to see more of Janssens' memento mori. What do you think, readers? Is this project unbelievably creepy or fascinating? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

"Your Last Shot" - Frieke Janssens

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