The 'Friends' Cast Secretly Used Doubles In Multiple Episodes

They actually won't always be there for you.

It's never fun to find out a friend you've known for years is actually two-faced, but even worse is learning it's not just one friend. Such is the unfortunate news that multiple characters on the show "Friends" were literally two-faced, as in, multiple actors played their parts.

Recently, it's been shared around --originating with Recently Heard -- that a Season 8 episode titled "The One with The Mugging" features both Jennifer Aniston and a double playing the role of Rachel Green. The title evidently had a double meaning, meaning double the muggings happened than you originally thought -- the one in the plot and the mugging of your heart.

Look below at this frame three minutes into the episode, where Aniston is still playing Rachel:

Still the Rachel you grew up with, but curious that the characters are pointing to scene right, perhaps trying to distract you from the other shoe -- attached to a completely different person -- that's about to drop.

Look at this frame: 

Matt LeBlanc clearly looks sick in this split-moment, probably knowing the deceit the show is trying to pass off as friendship. He's clearly imitating the skull-and-crossbones symbol with his crossed arms, telling us that the Rachel we know and cherish is dead, if only for a moment.

But now you've really got to sit down ...

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The thing is, this isn't the only time such an unexplainable switcheroo within the "Friends" universe has happened.

In the Season 8 episode, "The One With Rachel's Date," Monica also proves to be a two-faced boogeywoman.

You can totally tell Phoebe is scared out of her mind as it happens. The world of "Friends" is far more spooky than you realized, with characters being fully aware that at least a few of their friends are shape-shifting specters who may or may not even like coffee.

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Trust nobody.

Feel free to sing madly, "Where are my friends tonight?" as your sanity unravels with the truth that any one you've ever held close may have been somebody else entirely.


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