Behold: A Tampon You Can Share With Your Bestie

Blood sisters 4 lyfe.

Declarations of best friendship have reached a whole new level. Now not only can you share secrets, dreams and a tub of ice cream with your bestie -- you can also share a tampon.

Yes, for real. With Friends Forever Tampons, feminine hygiene and friendship unite. The tampon has two cotton ends -- one for each BFF! -- and one two-foot long string connecting them. Creator Kat Thek promises that the two tampons joined by one string will keep besties close.

Credit: Friends Forever Tampons

"We guarantee that Friends Forever Tampons will bring you extremely close to your best friend for up to eight hours at a time," she told The Cut.

Thek, who calls herself the "CEFlow" of Friends Forever Tampons, declined to comment when asked about how the product worked in practice, so we're not sure whether any human being has ever actually tried the double tampons. Personally, we're a little skeptical about how one would successfully wear clothing or do pretty much anything with such a tampon in, but who needs boundaries when you have a best friend?

And what about besties keeping their friendship alive while living miles apart? Have no fear, BFFs! Thek told The Huffington Post in an email the company is "happy to make custom lengths for those seeking added closeness or to accommodate long-distance best friends." We'd love to see a bi-coastal tampon.

Credit: Friends Forever Tampons

So if you're ready to take your friendship to a very new level, Friends Forever Tampons are sold at a variety of retail locations in New York, according to the product's Tumblr. Thek also told HuffPost that customers overseas will soon have the chance to solidify their BFF status.

"Friends Forever Tampons are going international -- look for us in Iceland and France!"

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