The 'Friends' Pottery Barn Collection Comes Complete With THAT Apothecary Table

Please pivot your attention to this very important news.

If you’ve ever sat around with your five best friends, in your impossibly large apartment, in one of Manhattan’s priciest neighborhoods, in the middle of the day when you all supposedly have jobs and thought, “Man, we sure could use something to put our coffees on!” prepare to make like Chandler Bing and BE amazed.

Nearly 20 years after Rachel tricked a chain furniture store-averse Phoebe into decorating their apartment in Pottery Barn furniture on “Friends,” the actual store released a line of furniture and memorabilia inspired by the hit series ahead of the show’s 25th anniversary in September.

Items range from $13 for accessories, towels and mugs to $1,099 for the famous apothecary table purchased by both Rachel and Ross during the aptly titled episode, “The One with the Apothecary Table.”

In the Season 6 episode, Rachel buys the table, and when she finds out about Phoebe’s exceptional distaste for the store, tells her it is from flea market originating back to “the days of yore.”

Not even Phoebe could deny this table is cute.
Pottery Barn
Not even Phoebe could deny this table is cute.

You can even pretend you’re back in time ― at least to the year 2000 ― when you use it. According to the Pottery Barn site, it replicated the table “down to the last detail,” including drawers made to fit CDs.

Unfortunately, you won’t be given the “old-time” style pricing Rachel claimed to have gotten on the piece ― but at around $1,100 it’s still more reasonable than a supposed two-bedroom, rent-controlled apartment in Manhattan’s West Village.

Head to Pottery Barn to purchase.

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