Some 'Friends' Cast Members Had A Mini-Reunion At The Emmys

These "Friends" didn't snub each other.

At the 2015 Emmys, two longtime "Friends" were able to hang out again, as they were both nominated for awards.

Lisa Kudrow was nominated for her work on "The Comeback," while Matt LeBlanc got a nod for "Episodes."

Upon seeing his old acquaintance from the hit NBC show, LeBlanc presumably asked Kudrow, "How are you today?"

The two had also hung out on the red carpet. Kudrow happened to walk by while Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell was interviewing LeBlanc.

The two explained how proud they were of each other. LeBlanc was apparently the person who first informed Kudrow of her nomination. "I texted her first. She didn't know," he told ET.

Neither nominee ended up winning, so presumably LeBlanc later texted her his classic line, "Are you feeling alright?"


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