'Friends' Season 1 Fashion Was So 1994... And, Oddly Enough, 2012 (PHOTOS)

"Friends" still lives on in syndication, popping up night after night on TBS (and Nick at Nite!) just when you need it most. But it's deceiving, you see -- the show's constant presence makes it feel like it never aged, like it all happened just yesterday.

But take a closer look at the fashion from early "Friends" and you'll quickly remember that the show debuted wayyyy back in 1994. It was the era of shrunken sweaters, overalls, sleeveless denim vests, floral maxi skirts, high-waisted jeans... honestly, lots of stuff that's back in style and being shelved at your local Urban Outfitters (albeit ironically) right now.

And yet there are still things, thank goodness, that never made it out of 1994-1995. Rest in peace, Monica's jumpers over white tees. We'll always remember you, Chandler's high-waisted pleated suit pants. So long, Phoebe's chokers. We'll come visit you often in syndication.

For today's Fashion Flashback, apropos of nothing other than our undying love for the show, here's a look at the fashion from Season 1 of "Friends" -- the styles we Welcome Back... and the styles that will forever Rest In Peace... (unless we're seriously underestimating the current '90s revival).

The Fashion of Friends, Season 1

Also, here's a gag reel from Season 1. Because gag reels are never not awesome.

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