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This Man's Obsession With 'Friends' Is Oddly Beautiful

Could he be any more obsessed with this show?

For a man in China, the show "Friends" has bled over to his real life. The man -- who goes by the name Gunther and has a son named Joey -- has dedicated his life to the feel-good vibe of everyone's favorite New York neighbors.

In a segment for the show "i-D," director Jordan Stokes follows Gunther, who quit his job to open his own coffee shop dedicated to the show. The Central Perk in Beijing is where Gunther and his fellow "Friends" lovers can watch and talk about the show.

After he went through a bad breakup, Gunther’s friends recommended he watch the show “to soothe his broken heart and teach him how to love again,” Stokes said.

“It worked,” Stokes continued. “Falling fast and hard for Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe’s friendly faces, Gunther loved their lives and found solace in their world.”

It might all seem pretty strange and out there, but maybe he's just channeling a bit of Phoebe.