19 Undeniable Pros To Being Friends With Benefits

No strings attached. 💋

Being friends with benefits can get a bad rep. You've heard the stories of people getting emotionally attached and feelings getting hurt, but if you do it right, it can also be an amazing experience. Say goodbye to mindlessly swiping through Tinder and hello to new sexual horizons with someone you already know and love.

  • 1 You’re friends. Like you actually get along really, really well.
  • 2 You get to have a lot of sex. With someone you actually like.
  • 3 You can be yourself with your FWB, flaws and all.
  • 4 You get to skip the dreaded awkward first date and get right to the good stuff.
  • 5 It's not like there's anyone out there you can tolerate. Especially on Tinder.
  • 6 You guys already have great chemistry, so it feels sort of natural to be intimate together.
  • 7 You can keep it totally real with them.
  • 8 You kill two birds with one stone when your friend is ALSO your hook-up buddy. That’s like the best of both worlds.
  • 9 You basically get to have a reliable sex life without all the emotional baggage of a relationship.
  • 10 And it’s just sooooo convenient.
  • 11 There’s something really freeing about sex with no strings attached.
  • 12 Your friend with benefits is already in your social circle so it'll be easy to meet up.
  • 13 What better person to experiment with in the bedroom than someone you know well and feel comfortable around?
  • 14 You already know your friend is a top-notch human being.
  • 15 Your friend will always have your best interests at heart.
  • 16 You can tell them exactly what you're into.
  • 17 And what you're definitely NOT into.
  • 18 Hooking up takes your friendship to a whole new level.
  • 19 And at the end of the day, your bae-friend will always be there for you.


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