A Relationship of Friendly Benefits

How do you politely describe your relationship with someone whose salary is considerably less than yours, with whom you go out socially, and with whom you are having killer sex? The new catchphrase for this type of relationship is "friendly benefits" and it is beneficial for both partners.

One of the two women I interviewed for this article told me that this is most likely the best type of relationship a successful woman can have with a man.

"He's an artist and doesn't make much money yet. I make more than enough for both of us. We agreed we don't want to live together. I'm much too independent for that and he understands how I feel. But I like going to the theatre, fine restaurants, and upscale resorts. I can easily pay. And I thoroughly enjoy his company. He's a charming man, intelligent and urbane. An added plus is that we have mind-blowing sex. Our arrangement is perfect."

Is this just an update on a woman being with a gigolo? You know the guy who was paid for sex, spoiled rotten, and the financially supported "play-male" of bored wealthy women of past generations?

Not at all. There are vast differences. For one, both the woman and the man work. No one supports the other. While the woman is more financially successful than the man, the money spent on a certain expensive lifestyle is enjoyed by both of them.

Secondly, each one knows exactly what they are bringing to the relationship. Shared interests are essential to both and sexual exclusivity is a must.

Third they are a dating couple where there is a great fondness but there may be no actual love.
They are more than friends but less than partners. There are no strings attached and each one understands the parameters of the relationship. It just might be the best of modern coupling!
The other woman I interviewed said that she feels happy, comfortable, and free in her relationship.

"We're compatible in all ways and I still have my freedom. It is like being perpetually engaged; all fun, parties, and magnificent dates, but none of the hassle of a marriage. Every time we see each other, it is for something pleasurable. There are no monotonous or boring moments because we know what our relationship is based upon. It is just sheer enjoyment."

Out of all the new types of relationships, maybe this is one of the better ones. It seems you can have your freedom, a great man to enjoy the best in life with, and fabulous sex as icing on your cake!

Not a bad concept in the world of dating at all!

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