Mary Timony And Rebecca Cole From Wild Flag Play The Friendship Game (VIDEO)

Watch Wild Flag Put Their Friendship To The Test

One of the best things about the Portland/DC-based band Wild Flag is their amazing interpersonal dynamic and chemistry. This is why HuffPost Arts decided to take a chance and interview Mary Timony (guitar + vocals) and Rebecca Cole (keys) about the solidity of their friendship in order to discover what makes a band last. Before their recent performance at Webster Hall in New York, my friend Laura Fisher and I quizzed Mary and Rebecca on how well they know each other, in the spirit of "The Newlywed Game."

Who will win the friendship test, and who will fail, hanging her head in shame? Are Rebecca and Mary merely two ships passing in the night, or is their friendship built to weather the trials and tribulations of a band on tour? You can find out the results in the video above.

We hope to make this a regular series, so let us know your favorite artist and musician friendship pairings in the comments section below.

Video song credit: "Electric Band" from Wild Flag's debut album on Merge Records.

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