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Frisee With Bacon And Gorgonzola Cheese

In The Italian Kitchen, acclaimed chef and cookbook author Marco Canora teaches viewers to cook classic Italian dishes. This salad relies on the balance between tangy, acidic Sherry vinegar and the richness of bacon and Gorgonzola cheese. To begin, Marco places the frisée (curly endive) in a large, shallow bowl, then cuts the bacon into lardons (1/4-inch crosswise slices). While he cooks the bacon pieces, he smears spoonfuls of Gorgonzola cheese along the edges of the bowl. When the bacon is done, he spoons the bacon and the bacon fat over the cheese, then adds the vinegar. Next, using his hands, he picks up the frisée and uses it to mop up the cheese and fat mixture, creating the dressing as he tosses the lettuce. That's all there is to it. Marco suggests serving the salad with some chopped apple and nuts on top.