Sexually Aggressive Dolphin Tries To 'Get Busy' With Scuba Divers (VIDEO)

SCARY VIDEO: Dolphin Gets Too Frisky With Scuba Divers

A frisky dolphin who swims near the Cayman Islands apparently has the hots for humans, as a shocking new video amply demonstrates.

The dolphin -- who has been nicknamed "Stinky the Loner Dolphin" -- has one purpose in mind: "Getting busy" with scuba divers.

The clip, which Maes posted on his YouTube page, shows Stinky trying to "ride" Maes. In the process, Stinky pushes the human down to the bottom of the ocean floor, a distance Maes said could have been 400 feet.

Maes' friend Alex then became the object of Stinky's affection and the randy animal started rubbing its body along his back before trying to roll on top of him and pushing him to the surface.

Maes said that he loves dolphins (not in "that" way), but posted the shocking video so that others can be aware of the dangers. Some divers whose only encounters with dolphins come from movies like "A Dolphin Tale" or TV shows like "Flipper" may not be expecting to run into sexually predatory porpoises.

"It remains a wild animal and Stinky is in an awkward situation which can turn him into a playful killer-machine," he wrote on his YouTube page. "Please be prudent people and get out of the water when you see him. Believe me, if he decides, you don't stand the slightest chance!"

Marine biologists have known that dolphins are very sexual creatures for a long time.

Earlier this year, research scientists at the University of Massachusetts studied more than 120 bottlenose dolphins in western Australia, and concluded that the males were "found to engage in extensive bisexuality, combined with periods of exclusive homosexuality."

While dolphins attemping to hook up with humans is not uncommon, it is unusual for humans to return the favor.

However, it did happen in at least one case.

Malcolm Brenner, 60, author of "Wet Goddess," a 2011 book about a man's nine-month sexual relationship with a dolphin, claims it's based on a real-life love affair with a dolphin named Dolly back in 1970, when he was in his early 20s.

Brenner told The Huffington Post that he met Dolly when he was hired to take photographs for a children's book about the dolphin show at an amusement park in Florida.

If Brenner is to be believed, the dolphin courted him.

Initially, "she became more and more aggressive," said Brenner, who lives in Punta Gorda, Fla. "She would thrust herself against me."

But over time, Dolly became more gentle, he claimed.

"I found that extraordinarily erotic," Brenner said. "It's like being with a tiger or a bear. This is an animal that could kill you in two seconds if it wanted to."

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