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Fritz Kruer Moved East Grand Rapids, Michigan Mansion To Cash In On Real Estate (VIDEO)

The current state of real estate is, well, rocky. Interest rates are slowly creeping up, but the inventory remains surprisingly low. So homeowners like Fritz Kruer in East Grand Rapids, Michigan are getting creative with their selling tactics.

According to the interview on Fox 5, after trying to sell his 6,600-square-foot mansion that sits on a large piece of land with no luck, he had the idea to move the entire structure 30 feet. This allowed him to divide the property into two additional lots that he can sell for about $300,000 each.

Of course this huge feat didn't come cheap: The process cost him about $100,000. But it's already paying off and he already sold the first lot, which may be due to the buzz his house is getting. "You don’t see it everyday. There’s been a lot of curiosity. I’d say we have a dozen people stop and watch it everyday, sometimes more. everybody’s got questions,” he told FOX.

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