'Only In Australia': Frogs, Mice, Beetle Ride On Snake To Escape Floodwaters

A viral video shows critters on board a snake as catastrophic floods spread damage across eastern Australia.

Tell us you live in Australia without telling us you live in Australia...

A frog, two mice and a beetle were seen sheltering aboard a snake inside a rainwater tank in viral videos shared on TikTok this week.

It was filmed in western Queensland, according to Australia’s 9News. The state has been hit by torrential rain in recent days, leading to catastrophic flooding in its capital of Brisbane and southeastern regions.

“Only in Australia,” the video’s poster wrote on TikTok. “Yes they got them all out alive! And the snake too!”

In the three clips, which have a combined total of more than 6.6 million views, the critters are seen clinging to and even walking along the snake as it floats in the water. A person is seen trying to fish the animals out with a metal post.

A snake rescue group, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, shared the footage on Facebook, encouraging locals to look out for one another during the crisis.

The group said the rain had been forcing many snakes to seek shelter and higher ground, and it encouraged people to keep an eye out for snakes in and around the home. It said it had received many calls over the past few days, including one about a snake hiding inside an umbrella and another in a mailbox.

At least eight people have died in flash-flooding in Queensland and its neighboring state of New South Wales this week. Tens of thousands of homes have been inundated, forcing evacuations and rescues of both humans and animals.

Wildlife in the region have suffered, with images and videos showing kangaroos and wallabies caught in floodwaters, waterlogged birds unable to fly or find food, and destroyed habitats.

“We are expecting more help for wildlife to be needed as floodwaters recede and we have fully equipped rescue vehicles on standby,” said WIRES, a wildlife rescue group.

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