Filmmaker's Touching Tribute To His Late Mother Will Leave You In Tears (VIDEO)

"What would you say to a loved one if you had one chance to say it all?"

So ponders Seattle-based filmmaker Casey Warren in his explanation of "From 1994," a short film he co-directed in memory of his late mother, who passed away in 2001 after a battle with cancer.

The film, which uses the last letter Warren's mom wrote her son as a jumping off point, is a touching reflection on the lasting bond between mother and child.

"She was a writer and throughout my childhood she wrote many letters to me on her typewriter in her writing room. When I was 12 she passed away from cancer," Warren writes on the film's website. "During a family Christmas years later, my aunt passed along to me the last letter that my mom had written to me, on April 19th 1994. This film is based on that letter."

In a conversation with The Huffington Post, Warren said he and co-director Danielle Krieger used much of his mom's original writing for the voiceover. They pulled phrases directly from her letters and works of poetry. "She'd always had a dream of getting published," Warren said, explaining this was a way to fulfill her wish.

"I've missed her for so long," he added. "Now I feel like she isn't gone."

Watch "From 1994" above.

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